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zhanibek muratov

We believe that the future of our country, region, and humanity will depend on well-educated people and strong leaders. Our Doctor of Medicine program is designed to educate these leaders in Medical field.

Our academic programs are offered in state-of-the art facilities and our students live and learn in an environment which is aesthetically pleasing, academically stimulating, and culturally enriching. While we take seriously our role in preparing students for medical career, we also recognize that University is more than just classrooms and coursework. As such, we encourage students to participate in athletic and cultural events on campus as well. Indeed, there is something to fit the unique interests and abilities of every student at Osh International Medical University

We are committed to building a community that is devoted to student success and values, individual learning, growth and service. It underscores our core values of honesty and integrity; respect for diversity; engagement in the community; and committing to reason, promoting peace, open mindedness and globalization.

It is a true privilege to lead a Medical University that is a definite excitement each day! I look forward in helping our students their own unique stories.

Yours Sincerely
Professor Dr. Zhanibek Muratov